How to find great value deals for mobile call to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh?

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How to find great deals for international calling to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh? Where do I start?

Start by visiting our website and go straight to Bazaar. From there you have 2 routes – Postpaid of Prepaid.

POSTPAID PLANS – unlimited calls to one country or flexi minutes

Postpaid plans in UAE have either “flexi minutes” that can be used for both local calls and international calls to most countries in the world or “local” minutes that can be used only for calls with in UAE.  Both Etisalat and du offer flexi minutes and unlimited international calls to one country. In Etisalat you will also find unlimited calls to many more destination in this plan.  For Etisalat unlimited one country starts at AED 325 + VAT and for du at AED 300 + 5% VAT. Etisalat’s plan offers 4GB more (54GB instead of 50GB for du) and in both cases you get 700 flexi minutes that can be used for local calls and other international destinations. Keep in mind that both operators announced end of ‘double data’ promotion for Postpaid, so the allowances for new contracts are expected to shrink from 1st March.

For lower budgets the best option is to pick any of the plan with flexi minutes – use filters to pick your budget and number of minutes to find the best option for you.

PREPAID PLANS – cheap rate, flexi or bundle

3 possible routes for those doing prepaid for Etisalat and du.

  • For those who want to have a peace of mind for a month there are very generous one country bundles with 500 minutes valid for a month for AED 49. Etisalat calls them New Monthly International Voice Pack India 500 and adds 5% VAT to 49 AED. du calls them 500 international minutes with the name of the country and VAT is included in the AED 49. There are more plans with even better price per minute that you will find here and go to attractive international offers. There are plans with 1000 or 2000 minutes to be found.
  • Second route is to buy a plan with flexi minutes – interestingly flexi minutes cover somewhere between 90 and 160 countries depending on the plan, but India, Bangladesh and Pakistan are covered in each variant. For du a good example would be a Prepaid Flexi Plan with 60 flexi minutes and 2GB of data for AED 59. Etisalat’s Monthly Combo gives 30 flexi minutes and 1.5GB for 52.5 AED.
  • Activating cheaper pay as you go rate – if you have du International Savings Offer is a no brainer “catch all” – 38 fils per minute to all 3 countries without any charges, so whenever you don’t have a bundle you will have a decent deal. Careful – don’ confuse it with a very similar offer that charges “call setup fee” that will mean you will pay AED 1.05 before you even start talking.

In Virgin you can pick the plan with international minutes where they charge effectively around 27 AED for 100 international minutes in their bundles – way better than their ‘boosters‘ where 100 international minutes come at 52.50 AED. The best deal in Virgin you will get by paying for your plan 12 months upfront – then for a plan with 100 international minutes, 2GB data and 50 local minutes you will pay 55.12 AED

You can find all of them and more in Bazaar when you pick attractive international offers filter.

VoIP calling from UAE – more hassle, but potentially no extra spend – just pay for your connectivity

UAE operators offer Internet calling options with apps – Botim and CME. To enable use of these apps over your home services you will need to pay AED 105 per month, while using these apps on your mobile service will cost you AED 52.5 per month.

With COVID many of us moved to Zoom or Microsoft Team that also do not require additional subscription to be paid to work. These apps were not designed for calling, but while they may require a bit more work to setup the call, they do the job and all is needed for them is good connectivity on both sides.

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